New Satay and Kebab making technology World Breakthrough!

Necessity has always been the mother of invention. This is how the invention of the new Rota Chef Skewerite Satay and Kebab Maker has come about.  After many years of research the answer to take the chore out of skewered meat or vegetable preparation is here. As in all good inventions, the simplest ideas are the best. The Skewerite is simple to use, easy to clean and is capable of making up to 64 satay or kebab sticks that are uniformly skewered in around 5 minutes effortlessly.

Why Skewerite is the best for you.
No more skewering your meat by hand which could cause injury and contaminate the preparation. No more countless wasted hours making skewered dishes. The new Skewerite now allows you the time to attend to more important business immediately thus adding to your profits.  No astute butcher, restaurant owner, satay or kebab maker should operate without the new Skewerite. It's so simple, versatile and safe to use saving you hundreds of man-hours every year on labor alone. The small investment you make will far outweigh the initial cost of the Skewerite. The rest will be clear profit in the years to come. Invest in the new Rota Chef Skewerite Satay and Kebab Maker now and you'll prove to yourself that it is one of the best investments you have ever made in your business.

The new Rota Chef Skewerite now set to take the cooking world by storm.
The new Skewerite is rapidly becoming popular with butchers, satay and kebab makers and housewives who have seen it in action. The entire unit is compact and made from non-contaminate robust, dishwasher-safe materials that output food preparation hygiene at the very highest level. Satays for example have been traditionally pushed on a skewer by hand using unskilled labor with little or no consideration for hygiene. This has been a problem in recent years with the increase of contagious diseases such as hepatitis, HIV AIDS etc all around the world. The sharp skewers used in traditional satay preparation are designed to skewer meat; this can mean accidents to the operator’s gloves and skin. Avoid nasty accidents, invest in the new Rota Chef Skewerite now and start counting the savings.




Easily skewer up to 64 satay or kebab sticks in one go in minutes.

The new Rota Chef Skewerite Satay, Kebab or fruit and vegetable skewer maker is simple and easy to use as shown in these pages. It's versatile and can easily be adjusted to skewer meat or any type of food produced on a stick from 60mm long to 110mm in exact equal proportions with no waste. Now you too can profit from the rapidly increasing (meat on a stick) market. Your customers will love your satays and kebabs which can be made so effortlessly with the new Skewerite.

Here's how easy it is to make 64 satay or kebab sticks in minutes.

No experience necessary as chicken, fish, mutton, beef, fruits and
vegetables can all be neatly skewered ready to be marinated or cooked in minutes. The new Skewerite allows you to prepare clean, hygienic kebabs or satays in a safe, easy way with 100% accurate proportion control. No more unequal portions on the stick that could cost you on wastage or loss of extra profit. The meat will cook evenly as it is in equal proportions. Your satays and kebabs will taste that little bit better. You choose the length, the weight and the ingredients you want to skewer and offer.

Step 1. Select your product size and weight.

Your meat or produce can be cut to the thickness you prefer. The 'U' shaped stainless steel pin is then inserted into one of the 6 evenly spaced holes to the height you require the satay or kebab to be, starting at 60mm to 110mm. The pin will neatly slot into the same spaced hole on the opposite side of the box as shown in the picture.

Step 2. Place 'lower plate' on top of the rod in the box.

Locate the 'lower plate' which ensures you have a stable base to accommodate the 'bottom plate' and acts as a stop when the skewers are inserted

Step 3. Place 'bottom plate' on top of 'lower plate'.

The 'bottom plate' with 64 precision holes is placed on top of the lower plate. The Skewerite is now ready to be loaded with your evenly cut trimmed meat, chicken, mutton, fish, vegetables or fruits etc.

Step 4. Load the trimmed products to just below the top rim.

Use whatever chilled raw food product you believe your customers may enjoy, meat, chicken, fish, pork, capsicum, onion, etc. Create color and use imagination by varying each layer leaving enough room to fit on the top plate.

Step 5. Place 'top plate' on top of the product.

The top plate has 64 precision holes that line exactly with the holes in the 'bottom plate' and when pressed down ensures the product to be skewered will be uniform. The top plate is perfectly lined up to fit on the top of the Skewerite.

Step 6. Insert Skewers from the center outwards straight through the product into the bottom plate.

To ensure the best results we recommend you use good quality bamboo skewers. The guide holes on the top plate will ensure the skewers go in straight through the meat or produce and pass through to the corresponding hole on the bottom plate stopping at the flat lower plate. Always start inserting the skewers from the center of the top plate to stabilize the produce inside. You will also find that the outer skewers will be a lot easier to insert if you start from the center

Step 7. Pull out the bottom 'U' shaped stainless-steel pin from the Skewerite.

Once the stainless steel pin is removed the product, lower plate, bottom plate and skewered satay sticks will drop to the bottom of the box allowing space for you to insert the knife and cut through the meat or product.

Step 8. Cut through the evenly spaced vertical slots.

These ingenious evenly spaced 'knife slots' are situated on all four sides of the Skewerite and act as a guide to allow you to easily cut the meat straight. You glide the knife through each of the opposite sides. Once cut your meat or produce is now firmly fixed on each of the 64 skewers and ready to be removed.

Step 9. Remove the top plate.

You'll easily lift off the top plate without disturbing the skewers by lifting it with the built-in lifting lugs.

Step 10. Lift Box Upwards.

When you lift off the box upwards you'll see a square block of cut and skewered meat or produce.

Step 11. Your product is now ready to separate.

All you need to do is use both palms to easily separate the 64 skewers. The skewered meat or produce comes out in exact and even squares on the skewer. If you want to present Asian-style satays all you need to do is use a mallet to flatten the meat for presentation.

Step 12. Your skewers are now ready for cooking.

Your meat or produce will evenly marinate because they're in exact and equal proportions and they will cook evenly, giving your product a highly professional presentation.

As proven above the new Rota Chef Skewerite will make you a satay or kebab expert with very little effort. You don't need to be a qualified chef or butcher to use the Skewerite as it is so simple to use. Once you or your staff gets the knack of it you'll wonder what you would do without it. It will take the chore out of skewering meat or produce which will allow you to spend your valuable time looking after other more important aspects of your business or just relaxing.


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